Magic Webstore 🪄

Ecommerce Simplified

Magic Webstore is focused on reducing the headaches of running a webstore.


The Magic String

With Magic Webstore, your entire store is contained in your magic string, like a genie in a lamp. You just need to save that one string (back it up and store it safely) and you can do everything you need: add products to your store, manage your inventory, track your income, and keep your money safe.

The Big Difference

Unlike traditional webstores, Magic Webstore doesn't need your identity or bank account information, so the onboarding process is sleek and simple. Your Magic Webstore will automatically create a bitcoin wallet for you and even your private key is contained in your Magic String.

You just start adding products to your store and then share the link with people. They can view your products, buy items from you, and send you messages.

How can I use Magic Webstore?

Magic Webstore lets you monetize your life. Have a youtube channel? Start selling merchandise through Magic Webstore. Have a blog? Let people support you through sales and branding. Want to sell items at a farmer's market? Treat Magic Webstore as your point of sale system and let people check out with ease.

Try it out today! Magic Webstore is proudly built on bitcoin, the money of the internet, and nostr, a distributed data caching protocol. Magic Webstore is completely free and open source and you can dive into its source code by clicking here.

Magic Webstore does not use traditional usernames and passwords, it uses magic strings. Make sure to back yours up! Your magic string is the only way to access your store.
Generate your magic string
Back up your magic string
Log in with your magic string